Do want to partiner with us? You can do that in many ways; through prayers, sharing your ideas, sending your donations and gifts, or even physically participating in Teaching the kids, or involving yourselve in doing the activitions that transform the mind of these volnerable children!

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First Day in Rehabilitation Home

Boys laying their beds- At the Center

Richard nursing a boy- At Rehabilitation Home

These boys still on the streets. They are our next step

Richard (right), Lisa Phillip (white), Ronald (Behind on Jaz),Teacher and Children we support. We Blessed the Lord for them!!!

Visiting our Children rehabilitated/resettled, and taken to school.



YAHWEH FOUNDATION MINISTRY is a young growing Christian organization committing itself in helping the poor, homeless, broken heart, hopeless Orphans and Vulnerable children below 15years of age living on streets.


The ministry started in 2011 by Richard Kakanyero upon receiving revelations from God to ;Share food with the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, provide clothes to the naked, and not to hide from those who need help- (Deuteronomy 22:1-4, Isaiah 58:7, Matthew 25:34-40, Hebrew 13:3, James 2: 15-16).

Richard Kakanyero was abducted by Lords Resistant Armies in Dec 2001 and later he returned home in July 2002. He went through series of sufferings and persecution brought by LRA throughout his childhood. He was born in 1984 and started experiencing conflicts by 2yeas old, the time when Joseph Kony started his movement against His Excellency Yuweri Museveni (Today president of Uganda). As the results of this war, children were left lonely without families, they became so broken, frustrated, painful and sick. Some children came to live on streets while others became prominent thieves, drunkard and drug users heading to hell.

 With this constant war, Richard grew up knowing that suffering and hiding from the rebels is a “world-born” permanent/fulltime life style with persecutions, pain and endless grieves. The rebels destroyed his childhood, ruined their family, delayed his studies for 22years, and shuttled down his community. Richard’s heart was broken, and grew up a hopeless young boy.

Today, Richard has learnt a new and pleasing life in salvation brought by Jesus Christ to every man. Life full of Peace, Love, Care and Protection that God provides in abundant to all human races. He gave his life to God and began serving him. Right now, Richard is serving at Revival Worship Centre as Videographer in media department while ministering to street kids and vulnerable children in Gulu. His life has changed amazingly with lots of achievements.

God instructed Richard to; Build the poor, broken, hopeless and homeless orphans and vulnerable children to make them ready for Eternity. Richard gladly began doing the work in 2011 with some group of friends from Gulu by feeding and counseling street kids.  In 2013, he also began helping HIV positive young children below 12years.

In 2013, Richard, together with his friends, formed an organization called YAHWEH FOUNDATION MINISTRY. They are focus in providing services to orphans and vulnerable children who have been living on the street.

Our Vision

Transformed & restored children full of love and living like Jesus Christ.


Mission Statement

Bringing God’s abundant love to children by demonstrating His fatherhood through love, care, protection and support to the broken hearted, hopeless children and transforming them into new creations, obedient to the words of God and enjoying equality of rights and full freedom in Jesus Christ


Scripture Foundations:

“I am a good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep” John10:11


  • To rehabilitate, reconcile and re-unite Street Kids with their families, and to find homes for homeless children.
  • To promote good health and a quality standard of living.
  • To provide and promote quality education.
  • To enhance economic growth, development and sustainability.
  • To promote quality parenting and family management.
  • To practice and promote Christianity with high moral standards, influential lifestyle deeply rooted obediently into the words of God, and living practically in Jesus Christ.
  • To practice and promote humanitarian hearts towards one another, and a society with good governance.

Ministry goals

  • Children living happily with their families.
  • Children with good health and quality standards of living.
  • Children obtaining quality education.
  • Developed and sustainable family economies.
  • Quality parenting and family management.
  • Christians with high moral standards and influential lifestyles who are deeply rooted into the words of God and living practically in Jesus Christ.
  • Humanitarian hearts for one another, and a society with good governance.
  • Activities

    What have been done:
    • 18 Street Children have been re-habilitated and re-settled back home with their families.
    • 13 Children have been enrolled in sponsorship program this year and are studying now. (4 street kids, 3 HIV + Children, 6 other OVCs at risk of joining the streets).
    • 25 street Kids were trained on Crime prevention and Child rights & protection.
    • Social support was rendered to the children in the process of re-settling them. Items like some clothing, Medication, and little food Items given to some clients.
    • Basic lessons were given to some families about parenting and family responsibilities.

    Current Activities:
    • Morning Devotion going on every week Monday and Thursday. More than 30 street Kids below 16yrs have been attending this programs.
    • Re-uniting and resettling of street Kids with their families is going on.
    • Regular Follow up and Home visit is going on to those Kids that have been re-settled back home.
    • School visit to those Kids in scholarship program is going on to monitor their performance.
    • Monitoring Children who are HIV positive and are in medication and supporting them at school.
    • Counseling and Teaching the families biblically in proper parenting and family responsibilities.
    • Referrals Services.

  • Contact us

    Office Location and Address
    The head office of the Yahweh- Foundation is in Gulu- Northern Uganda.
    The organization’s physical address- Ojok Phillips Road, Ariaga Central, Laro Division,
    P.O Box 100, Gulu- Uganda, along Gulu to Kitgum Road, about 0.1KM from the Main Road.
    Tel. +256-774 601 388 E-mail:

Christmas Party with Kids 2014

Sarah Dingus with Street boys during X-mas party

Richard praying with the boys.

Police Officer Addressing the street Kids- Devotion

Re-uniting Street Kids with their Families

Headlins on the activities going on

Nov. 16, 2015


We are glad to inform you that we got a Home for re-habilitating the street Children including the homeless children here in Gulu and it is running now with some kids staying in.
This Home is established mainly for rehabilitating children who ran away from home due to several issues and are now living on the streets. After rehabilitating, they will be re-united back with their families. While others who do not have home totally will continue living at the center- YAHWEH- HOME.